When you think of Africa, you can instantly visualize the rich cultural diversity of the continent. But most of all, you can’t help imagining the expansive, wild savannah grasslands which are home to some of the most magnificent animals. Many of these wild animals are unique to the continent.

Do you love observing wildlife in their natural habitat? If so, you will fall in love with the African Safari. Besides, you don’t need to save for a lifetime to afford the trip. It is possible to enjoy the experience on a limited backpacker’s budget.

Anyway, here are some of the most magnificent animals you have to see on a safari:

1. The African Elephant

Photo by RENATO CONTI from Pexels

The African elephant is a sight to behold. They are huge and imposing. These elephants live in tight-knit families, also referred to as a herd. They always keep their young in their midst, with the biggest and strongest females flunking the rest of the herd.

One interesting fact about elephants is that they are shockingly intelligent, and if you were to observe them for a while, you would notice it. Did you know that elephants mourn their dead, much like humans do? It’s a surprising and moving thing to see.

2. The Rhinoceros (Rhino)

Photo by Nicole Kruger from Pexels

There are five species of rhinos in the world, with two indigenous to Africa: the black and white rhinos. Your safari trip is not complete if you don’t get to see one of the world’s most endangered animals.

The white rhino lives in herds, unlike the black rhino, which is solitary and extremely endangered, having less than 5,000 members left. Rhinos are powerful animals with no predators. They are only facing extinction as a result of poaching.

Next to elephants, Rhinos are the largest land herbivores and downright magnificent too. A rhino looking out in a brush in the haunting savannah sunset is one of the most picturesque things you could ever see.

3. The African lion

Photo credit Pixabay

African lions are large, yellowish-brown predators traversing the savannah with technically no threat except for the human kind.

Lions live in groups called prides, with the females responsible for hunting. The males usually sleep about playing with cubs and protecting their dens from other wandering males. Male lions are almost twice as large as the females and spot luxurious and distinctive manes.

Lions are social cats, but that doesn’t take away from their strength and viciousness. If you are patient enough, you will likely see them in a chase, hunting and bringing down animals five times their size.

4. The Giraffe

Photo by Zoë Reeve on Unsplash

Giraffes are the tallest land mammals spotting one of the most distinctive appearances on an animal. Their legs alone are over six feet tall, and you haven’t added their long, impressive necks. Just like rhinos, giraffes are also pretty picturesque. They are usually subjects of photography and painting as they stand tall, nibbling away at tree-tops.

5. The Kudus

Photo by Henning Borgersen on Unsplash

The kudus are two, not entirely distinct, antelope species found in the eastern and southern Africa. What makes these rare and endangered animals so magical is their unique appearance. Their horns will remind you of reindeer antlers.

Now, whereas reindeer sports branch-like antlers, kudus have long, wavy cock-screw-like horns. However, the magic doesn’t end there. Kudus almost look like zebra hybrids, sporting white strips across their bodies. “kudu” is a Xhosa term meaning part deer part zebra.

6. The Zebra

Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen from Pexels

Zebras are an equine species indigenous to Africa, specifically, the eastern and the southern region of the continent. They are mostly found in Savannah, shrub lands and mountainous areas.

What makes the zebra one of the most beautiful creature on the planet, are its distinct stripes. If you haven’t seen a zebra grazing in the Savannah, you have to. They’ll likely make you think of horses or donkeys—painted horses or donkeys.

Of course, this list does not cover all the magnificent animals the world has to offer. The beauty of wildlife cannot be entirely captured with words. It’s something to see for yourself and appreciate once you set out on a safari.

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